Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chopix is back!

Hey guys,

Chopix is back he's at Vanilla so get your goggles on and go catch some Nichos!

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Earth Research Contest! - About Dinsosaurs

Hey Chobots,
Right now there is a new contest on Chobots! *drum roll* The Earth Research contest about dinosaurs! Please give your small piece of information about dinosaurs with a drawing realted to it. You have on week to do so. Post your replies HERE! Winners get cool prizes!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

How do I get clothes?

To get clothes you have to go the clothes shop and buy them. To go to the clothes shop you have to open the map drag on everthing you see till you find shop,click on it and you will come in a street. Then enter the building on your left and you are in the clothes shop. When you're there you will see many catalogs, click on the one you want according to the object you want to buy. Example there is a catalog to buy shoes from.

How do I get money (bugs)?

The main thing to do to get money (bugs) on “Chobots” is to play games.The games that give you the most money are the main games. To find them you have to click on the map at the right down bottom part of your page and drag on everything you see till you find Space game,thats one, Garbage Collecter, thats two and Sweet Batttle thats three but there are more.To get coins I suggest these but is you dont like them or your are bored playing the same games,you can play some minigames.To play some minigames you have to go to the Gamezone.To go to the Gamezone you have to go to Cafe’ Street and go to your right.To get money (bugs) you can even throw balls to the trees around Chobot World or play Tug of War (rope game) at Rope on the map. I HOPE THIS HELPED YOU HOW TO GET MONEY ON THE GREAT FANTASTIC GAME , “Chobots”.

How do I become an Agent?

To become an agent on chobots, you have to be nice to poeple, give a tour to newcomers, give some gifts, have manners.You have to be an expierenced player too. Ah, another thing, if u make a blog you will have more chances to become one.

Full Chat Cheat!

You have to be an adult to do this cheat. You said something rude and now you dont have full chat? All you have to do is go to family. There you will see written “Full chat”, click on it and it will come “Picture chat”,click on it again and it will become full chat. And magic! You have full chat again!